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Sebastian Wernicke: 1000 TEDTalks, 6 words

Sebastian Wernicke thinks every TEDTalk can be summarized in six words. At TEDxZurich, he shows how to do just that — and less.

 My take:

I find the ability to express what you really mean in few words very powerful. Expressing an idea in 6 words or less can be quite challenging though. But similarly with the “elevator speach” technique, it forces one to focus on the core message, what you what your audience to take away.

That could be very useful for email titles for instance. How much time would you save on a daily basis if all emails in your inbox had meaningful titles? I would bet you would be much more efficient!

Take a look at any decent news website and notice the number of words in article titles… Titles lenghts since December 2010 are generally between 3 and 11 words, with an average of… very close to 7 words! So it would seem professional writers do know our attention drops after just a few words…

Now after this long statement… if I had to find a short description for this talk I would probably go for : “Tell You Stories in 6 Words” or “”6 Words Can Say It All”.

Try! I find it rather fun. (6 words again…)

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